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How We Ship

Okay Freight Buddy, I am interested, tell me more about the process.


Shipping Methods

We will recommend the lowest priced option while paying attention to how soon you need the product delivered. We will recommend either shipping it with a traditional parcel carrier (UPS, FedEx, or Spee-Dee) or with Freight Buddy’s hand chosen LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers. All of Freight Buddy’s carriers are long established, high quality providers that have excellent on-time delivery rates and will make sure your shipment arrives in perfect condition.



While damage does from time to time occur, the best defense against damage is proper packaging. Freight Buddy’s Technicians will assess the requirements of your item to ensure that it is delivered safe and sound.



Are you still concerned about damage? In the rare case it does occur, Freight Buddy will work to have the carrier pay you back for any damage that is caused. Sometimes however, this can take months before we receive the payment from the carrier and in turn credit you. In most cases you can expect to receive up to 80% of the value of the shipment. The best way to ensure immediate payment for any damage is to purchase insurance on your product. For 10% of the declared value of your product, Freight Buddy will immediately refund you the declared value so long as the damage was noted by the recipient and the carrier at the time the shipment was delivered.