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The Process

  • 1
    Stop In

    Stop into one of our Freight Buddy Crate and Ship locations and show us what you would like to ship.

  • 2
    Packaging Assessment

    Your Freight Buddy Technician will develop a shipment quotation while you watch from one of our hand-held tablets. To do this, we will first determine the best and most efficient kind of packing that is required to make sure your shipment is sent safe and sound to the recipient.

  • 3
    Collect Shipping Info

    Next, we will enter in the total weight, dimensions, freight class, and destination zip code of your shipment. (If you are a ebay or Etsy seller and do not yet know the zip code of the purchaser, that's okay, we can give you a highest price scenario so you can price the cost of freight appropriately).

  • 4
    Multi-Carrier Rate Quote

    Our proprietary software will go to work and find you the best possible rates to ship your product.

  • 5
    Check Out

    Are you now ready to ship? Great, let's do it. While we are going through checkout process, Freight Buddy will take your valuable item into our packing room and prepare it for shipment the same day!

  • 6
    Receipt & Tracking Number

    Freight Buddy will provide you a paper as well as an email receipt of your shipment including the tracking number so you can keep tabs on its progress.